Smoke in A Bong – Know the Advantages of Using It

These days, the popularity for smoking accessories like bong is increasing rapidly due to advancement in water filtration methods. These methods help to make your smoking experience more enjoyable. Bong is also called as bubbler, moof, or water pipe and it is being used from past several centuries.

Usually, bong is used to smoke substances like tobacco and cannabis. Moreover, it is considered to be healthy way to smoke compared to vaporizing.

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History of bong

The term Bong came into existence from Thai word baawng or baung means cylindrical pipe or tube made with bamboo. It is considered that a bong is made in Africa. People of Southeast Asia and Africa used these pipes for many centuries.

The following are few advantages of using bong that help you to understand why you need to smoke in a bong.

Reasons for choosing a bong to smoke

The primary reason for preferring bong is filtration method that a bong offers. In a glass bong, ash gets locked in water and prevents it from reaching the mouth of a user. Also, bong helps to lock and filter harmful toxins, carcinogens, and other materials come out from dry herbs.

Also, the filtration method cools the smoke prior to inhaling. With this, it lowers the risk on lungs and causes less throat irritation. Smoking in a bong is not only cooler and smoother but also pleasurable too.

Importance of water filtration

The water present in a bong filters tar. This is the reason why water in bong turns into sticky brown. This tar gets separate from smoke and builds up at the bong inner walls instead of inhaled into mouth.

So, you have to clean your bong often for best filtration as well as for cooling. If you smoke in a dirty bong you will not feel pleasant experience and ruins the taste of herbs.

Enjoy bigger hits

Compared to other smoking accessories you can enjoy bigger hits by using a bong. Also, you can control the dose depending on your needs.

Easy to make use and clean

You can clean a bong easily by separating stem and bowl. Then, clean them with salt, hot water, cotton balls, and with alcohol.

How to use a bong

Fill the bong with required amount of water depending on its size and shape
Grind it up with dry herbs
Pack herbs in the bowl of bong
Light the dry herbs and inhale it
Features of bong

These days, you can find bongs with various features like ice catches to place ice cubes for cooling the smoke, percolators for smoother rip, and more.

A bong not only offers a real taste of herbs and pleasant experience but also represents your personality. So, choose the best store and order your favorite style bong to enjoy your smoking experience.